3 Easy Magic Tricks!

Introduction: 3 Easy Magic Tricks!

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Amaze, impress and stun friends and family with these three easy to learn tricks!

This is my first time trying to teach someone a magic trick in an official manner, which is quite exciting for me! This was also my first how-to video I've ever made, so if you see any common errors please let me know how I can improve!

The three tricks I will teach you in this instructable is my all time favourites That's because they are very simple, easy to do and you can use many every day items like coins or credit cards to perform them. On top of that, they never seize to amaze.

The video is an complete instructional video and you will find everything you need in it, but I will also replicate the contents in the instructable using screenshots from the video.

The video does contain extra advice and tips, as well as a few variations of the tricks. If you do not want to watch the whole video, I would advise you to go watch the first few seconds of the video or watch the short videos at each of the tricks just to see what the tricks look like when they are being done.

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Step 1: First Trick: Levitation

This is definitely the easiest of the three tricks. I have seen people learn to do this trick within a few minutes.

You can "levitate" nearly anything that you can hold between your hands and that is light enough to be kept up using only your thumbs, be creative!

All you have to do is to place the object between your thumbs and hold onto it using only the points of your thumbs. Use your other fingers to conceal how the object is staying afloat.

Now move the object up and down in a smooth manner without touching it with anything but your thumbs to give the appearance the you are levitating the object.

Step 2: Second Trick: Coin Teleportation

This trick can be done with coins or any small object. It all depend on you and your skill level.

The numbers below refer to the pictures above.

  1. Place the coin in your palm
  2. Close your hand and shake the coin around a bit to loosen it from your hands. If the coin is stuck to your hand, the trick will either fail or not be possible to do. Allow the coin to rest on the inside of your fingers, but do not show it to your audience.
  3. Use your other hand to cover the hand with the coin.
  4. Shake your hand (with the coin) up and down. On the last shake turn your hand to allow the coin to leave your hand through a hole between your thumb and index finger.
  5. Block the coin from flying into the air with the hand you used to cover your other hand
  6. After catching the coin, slap your palm back onto the back of your hand to place the coin there.
  7. Reveal that the coin has teleported from the inside of your hand to the back of your hand.

Step 3: Third Trick: Card Change

For this trick you will need two cards.

  1. Place the two cards on top of each other and square them up so that it looks lyk one card when you are looking from the front.
  2. Grip the cards with your index finger and middle finger at the front. Use your thumb at the back.
  3. Release your index finger and slide the cards apart from each other using your thumb and middle finer. Make sure the card that is at the front gets moved downwards.
  4. When the card at the back is revealed, grip it with your index finger. At this point in time the card that started in the front is gripped between your middle finger and thumb. The card that started at the back is gripped between your index finger and thumb.
  5. Now continue sliding your middle finger to the back until the card that first card is gripped between your middle finger and the fat part of your thumb behind the card that used to be at the back.
  6. As soon as you have done this, make sure that you keep the cards at the right angle, otherwise your audience will be able to see the card at the back.

Step 4: Thank You for Reading!

Thanks for reading my instructable!

I just want to state again that the instructable is just the basic steps of the tricks, please do watch the video for clear instructions, extra advice and also motivation to keep you in the magic game!

Good luck to all young wizards and apprentice magicians out there! Have fun learning magic tricks and enjoy fooling innocent bystanders!

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