3 Easy Steps to Install Removable Wallpaper

Introduction: 3 Easy Steps to Install Removable Wallpaper

3 Easy Steps to Install Removable Wallpaper

Redecorating your walls takes patience and a lot of effort. Not to mention the commitment you put into it if you use paint to spruce up your walls since it will not be that easy to change up the design and style you want. Luckily, wallpapers are now back in trend and not only that, there’s a variety of super easy to use removable wallpapers available.

It is best to use removable or temporary wallpapers when redecorating especially if you plan to change up your wall design often. They are easy to install, remove and have a lot of different patterns and styles to choose from. It may sound like a big task to take on at first but following these quick and easy steps will help you put up that gorgeous wallpaper in no time:

Step 1: Prepare Your Tools.

You will need the following items on hand to start your wallpaper installation:

  • Your roll of chosen wallpaper design
  • Suitable wallpaper paste
  • Roller
  • Brush to smooth off the wallpaper
  • Sponge
  • Handy knife or scissors
  • Line Measurement or Plumb Line

Step 2: Clean the Surface and Take Measurements.

Make sure the wall surface is even and cleaned up nicely. You do not want bumps underneath your wallpaper. Using your plumb line or measuring tool, identify the wall area where you will want to align the edge of the first drop of your wallpaper. Mark these areas so you'll know exactly where the wallpapers go and where you should cut away.

Step 3: Apply Wallpaper

Now that everything is all set, you are ready to hang your wallpapers. Apply a generous amount of paste on the first section you will hang the wallpaper on. Do not try to apply wallpaper paste all over the wall all at once. While this is tempting to do and might seem as a shortcut, it won't help at all since the paste might dry up quickly or you might find some other things sticking to it before you can put up your wallpaper. Always remember to apply the paste and wallpapers by segment. Smooth the surface down using your brush and damp sponge to remove excess paste and paper.

Continue this process by section until you've covered the wall area that you wanted. Hanging a wallpaper is really not that complicated. Just follow this 3 quick steps and you can redecorate your walls any time you wish.

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