3 Easy T-Shirt Transformation Designs




Introduction: 3 Easy T-Shirt Transformation Designs

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Hey everybody it's Momo and today I'll be showing you how to make 3 different t shirt designs. These are super loose and baggy so they're good for beach coverups. I really like how they turned out and I think each one is really pretty. I hope you like making these and have fun with them. Let me know if you want more summer tutorials!

Step 1: Supplies

1. Scissors

2. Needle

3. Thread

4.Old or baggy t shirts

Step 2: Braided Back Tank

Mark the back of your t shirt to cut off the sleeves. You can make it as close or far away from the seam as you want, it's just depends on how big you want your braid to be.

Cut nearly along the lines.

Cut along the collar seam so that you separate the back from the collar.

Cut three even strips down the back. Once again, if you want the braid to go go down lower, cut the strips lower.

Braid the three strips and sew the ends together. Hand sew the top of the braid to the back of the collar.

Step 3: Droopy Bow Back

Lay the shirt flat face down.

Cut along the collar seam in the front and about 3-4" lower than the seam in the back.

Cut a straight line from end to end of the shirt about 4-5" below the collar.

Cut a strip from the scrap collar piece and wrap it around the collar and back slit.

Hand sew the strip tightly and neatly.

Cut off the sleeves and more of the neck in the front.

Cut two strips out of the sleeve scrap and sew them around the top of the arm straps.

If you're using an oversized shirt, it will drop down way too much. I simply pulled up the bottom of the slit and sewed it a little higher.

Step 4: Cross Back Tank

Cut the sleeves and neck right at the seam. On the front of the neck, I cut a small v neck.

Flip the shirt on its back and cut a straight line right up the middle.

Mark off the corners- from the edge of the collar to a point lower down. The finished cut should come down lower than the front of the shirt.

Cut the sleeves on the seam and cross them over each other.

Sew the seams back together. I like the messy look so I had the seam on the outside, but you can reverse it to hide the seam if you prefer.

Step 5: Finished!

These designs are so cute and perfect for summer. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial because I really enjoyed making it. I will definitely wear these to work out or go to the pool! Please vote for this tutorial in the T Shirt Transformation Contest.

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