3 Esay Ear Cuffs




Introduction: 3 Esay Ear Cuffs

These ear cuffs are easy to make and are all based on a simple struckture.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1. Thin wire

2. Cutting Pliers

3. Round-tip Pliers

4. Flat-tip Pliers

Step 2: The Simple Ear Cuff

This is the basic shap that will hold the ear cuff to your ear. The other two ear cuffs are also based on this shape.

Step 3: Rounding Off the Tip

Start to make the basic ear cuff by rounding off the tip so that the ear cuff will not sting your ear. To do this wrap the end of the wire around the tip of the round-tip pliers.

Step 4: Make Tree Loops Into the Wire

Use the round tip pliers to create three bends in the wire and then trim off the accsses. Finish by rounding off the remaining edge.

Step 5: Round the Ear Cuff

Use the Round tip pliers to give the ear cuff a Rounded shape. After this spet it should be able to cling to your ear.

Step 6: Extended Ear Cuff

This is an ear cuff that curves around your ear and has a little spiral added to it. This is the basic ear cuff with an extension at the end.

Step 7: Adjust the Ear Cuff to Your Ear

You can start by curving the ear cuff into a round shape like you did with the simple earcuff before. You should now have the basic earcuff shape with a long peice of wire at the end. Then you can hold the ear cuff to your ear and curve the extra piece along your ear. This should look slightly simalar to the pictures above, however the shape is slightly diffrent for every ear. After this step you should be able to wear the earcuff.

Step 8: The Spiral Ear Cuff

This earcuff is also based on the basic ear cuff, however it has spirals added to each side.

Step 9: Create the Basic Ear Cuff Shape

Start by making two bend in the middle of the wire to make the basic ear cuff shape. Make sure that there are long pieces of wire sticking out on either end. The longer the pieces are, the larger the spirals will be in the end. Mke sure both accsses pieces are the same length if you want the spirals the same size.

Step 10: Create the Spirals

Roll both ends entierly into spirals using the round and flat tip pliers.

Step 11: Round the Ear Cuff

To finish this earcuff you have to give it a round shape like you did previously so it will hold to your ear.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    so cool I made these and they turned out so beautiful thank you :)

    Hey, congratulations on a fantastic instructable and on getting featured with your first one.