3 Foot Blowgun





Introduction: 3 Foot Blowgun

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I made this blowgun in about 10 minutes. It was made from half of a curtain rack, and some tubing from a "marble course" toy set. I taper together the two pieces of tubing, and then inserted it into the metal pipe. I taped securely on both ends. The end of the curtain rack had a part where the metal flared up, acting as a mouthpiece. It shoots the same darts that I show how to make in my other instructables. The blue foam you see is packaging foam wrapped in tape with a bit of wire for the "full out metal" affect. You just stick the dart into the folds, and slide the dart holder over the blowgun. Be safe and have fun!!!



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    I just wanted to say to always be careful. Today, because he and I were not being careful, Higgs Boson accidentally shot a nail dart at my hand. It stuck in. Not too far, but it still hurts and is very dangerous. Always practice safety and responsibility.