3 Fun and Easy to Understand Card Games!

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Intro: 3 Fun and Easy to Understand Card Games!

These are three very easy, very fun card games that you can play with just a pack of cards! These games are good for a long car or plane trip, waiting in a restaurant, hanging out with friends, and more!

Step 1: 1st Game: Card Russian Roulette!

(Maximum amount of players: 6)
For this first game, I'll be telling you how to play card Russian Roulette. Take any six cards from a deck of cards, making sure one is an ace. Now, you can play by yourself, but it's a lot more fun with one or more partners. You play the game by taking one card from the six cards that you have prepared. Yes, it's really that easy to have fun! If you picked a card that's not the ace, you're safe. If you picked the ace, you lose! If you're playing with a partner(s) they then have to also pick a card. You and your partner(s) repeat taking one card until someone gets the ace!

Step 2: 2nd Game: Bluff!

(Maximum amount of players: 6)
For this game, you need at least one partner. So, each player gets 8 cards. The point of the game bluff (or liar as some people call it) is honestly just to lie and count numbers. You start the game by either you or your partner(s) to put down a card face down with the number two. There's a catch, however. You or your partner(s) can either put down a card with the number two, or lie and put down a random card. It can be any card at all. After you or your partner(s) put down a card, you must put down a card that either has the number that comes after the number on your partner(s) card, or lie about the number and put down a random card. Each time you put down a card, you must say the card (or lie about the card) that you are putting down. I will use a quote that the great Billy Mays used all the time, "But wait, there's more!". You can call bluff on your partner(s) if you think they are lying about the number of the card that they placed down. This will keep continuing until someone runs out of cards. The first one to run out of cards wins!

Step 3: 3rd Game: War!

(Maximum amount of players: 2)
This next game is a two player card game. Each player gets about 10 to 25 cards, depending on how long you want the game to last. You and your partner each put your deck of cards face down. You and your partner must then take one card from the top of the pile (It has to be from the top of the pile) and place it face down. Then, you both flip your card. Whoever had the larger number on their cards gets both the cards that were placed down and has to put them in a separate pile, making sure that you do not place them in the pile that you started out with. If you and your partner get a card with the same number on them, you must each place three more cards face down. You and your partner must then flip all three cards and whoever has the highest numbered cards wins (make sure that whoever won takes all the cards and puts it in a separate pile). If you or your partner runs out of cards, grab the cards that were set aside after winning and use them as your new deck, making sure to shuffle them well. The first person to COMPLETELY run out of cards loses!

Step 4: That's All Folks!

Thats all three of the easy card games that I wanted to show you! I really hope you enjoyed and that you can have plenty of fun with the things I've showed you today. I worked hard writing this for you guys, so click that vote button to make my day! Thank you so much for reading this Instructable. Now go play some cards!



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