$3 Garage Sale Table Frame Turned Bench

Introduction: $3 Garage Sale Table Frame Turned Bench

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Today, Hello I Live Here is going to share how our $3 garage sale table frame turned into a bench.

Step 1: Sand the Table Frame

Believe it our not, we found this metal table from at a garage sale for $3.  It was missing the glass top, but this was ok with us.

Our first step was scratch the metal garage sale table frame with steel wool so the paint will adhere better to the slick surface.

We also had plastic circles we had to pop out of our table that we also rubbed with steel wool.  

Step 2: Paint the Table Frame

We spray painted the circles with Rustoleum Paint and Primer in One in a Metallic Nickel color.

We then hand-painted the frame using Behr Paint and Primer in One,  in the color Hazelnut Cream.

When the paint was dry, we sprayed the entire table frame with a clear sealer so paint has a protective layer. 

Then we reattached the plastic circles back into place.

Step 3: Cut the Table Frame Bench Top

To create the bench top for our garage sale table frame we cut a 2'x4'x3/4" piece of plywood.  We cut the board so there was about a one inch overhang all around.

We secured the plywood bench top to the metal garage sale table frame by drilling holes in both the plywood bench top and the metal frame and attached using sheet metal screws

Step 4: Apply Glue to the Table Frame Bench Top

We then applied Mod Podge glue to the table frame bench top

Step 5: Adhere Foam Cushion and Fabric Backing to the Table Frame Bench Top

We then adhered 5 inch high density foam we purchased from Joann’s Fabric that was ½ price (we love a sale!).

We then covered the foam with white batting so the green foam color would not show though the fabric.

Step 6: Lay Fabric Atop Foam and Batting to Cover the Table Frame Turned Bench

Last, we added our fabulous fabric of chevron print that is grey and cream. 

We purchased the fabric from one of our favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby for $8.98 a yard (we had a whopping 40% off coupon lowering that fabric down to our price range), using 2 yards, we covered the foam and stapled under the 1” over hang.

Step 7: The Finished Product - a $3 Garage Sale Table Framed Turned Bench

What do you think?

A $3 garage sale table frame turned into a beautiful bench.  We think it looks incredible.

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