$3 Ikea Coffee Table

Introduction: $3 Ikea Coffee Table

For some time I had been using an Ikea HÅBOL box as a table. I had wanted to make the lid more durable using some type of laquer. I stumbled upon some cheap kitchen panels at Ikea one day and the two came together (with adhesive) to make this light-weight table with storage.

Step 1: Materials!

The items you will need are:

Ikea "Habol" set of two boxes - $5.99

Adhesive. I used Gorilla Glue but something like caulk or a super glue would work. You will want something that works with glass or plastic, depending on what you use as the top of the table.

A panel of any type of hard material at least 27" by 35"
Mine were found in a clearance pile at Ikea. You could probably get something in the "As Is" section. In a pinch, wood or cardboard could do.

Large items to use as weights such as books


Spray paint or laquer
Round felt floor protectors for furniture legs

Step 2: Adhesive

Assemble the lid and then apply adhesive to it and also to the surface of the panel you are using as a top. Follow instructions for the adhesive you have chosen.

You will then need to attach these pieces together and use some type of weight, such as large books, to help the items bond.

Step 3: Assemble Box

While you are waiting, you will want to assemble the rest of the box. At this time you may want to spray paint the box to make it more appealing, or use some type of sealant to guard against spills.

Step 4: Put the Lid On

Once things have all dried, you can assemble the two pieces. I recommend using some felt protectors on the bottom so the table will be easy slide around on the floor. Enjoy!

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