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Introduction: 3 Ingredient Chalkboard Paint

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I love chalkboard paint projects, they look so pretty and versatile! I think this is a must if you have kids at home and the best part is that it is very easy to make and doesn't use weird ingredients.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1/2 cup of black paint

1 1/2 tablespoons of unsanded grout

1 tablespoon of water

1 can for mixing and keeping the paint

1 disposable spoon or stick

Step 2: Black Paint

Pour 1/2 cup of black paint in the can. I made this amount of paint because I just had small projects but if you're going to paint something bigger you can just multiply the ingredients.

Step 3: Unsanded Grout

Put 1 1/2 tablespoons of the unsanded grout in the paint. Try to feel it first with your fingers to avoid big rocks. If it's not too fine you can use a strainer to make it thinner.

Step 4: Water

Add the water. It doesn't have to be a specific temperature of water, just lukewarm.

Step 5: Mix

Use the spoon or stick to stir it and mix everything to get a smooth texture.

Step 6: Store

Put the lid on your can or use right away. As it is thicker than a normal paint I recommend to store it for one month maximum for a better result.

Now let your creativity flow and use this in all the projects that come to your mind.

Happy crafty time!



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    Nice and easy, I like it! There is a difference between chalk paint and chalkboard paint. The title says chalkboard but your lid says chalk. I'm assuming this is chalkboard paint that you can write on with chalk, erase and rewrite multiple times. Is that correct?

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

    I have used "chalkboard paint" both black and green before it seemed pretty good. How does this mixture compare to the ready mixed type?

    uncle frogy


    Great idea!

    Could you please tell us all what kind of paint (or if any type), water base, oil base, latex, enamel, matte, satin, etc., will work for this technique? Also which of these you have done this with, successfully and or failed? This information would be extremely helpful to have and reference.

    1 reply

    Probably a flat acrylic-latex paint?
    I bet the "oops" paint at the hardware store would work - the paint counter would probably be willing to darken it for you.


    11 months ago

    I made chalboard paint for my kitchen using flat latex paint and plaster of paris. It turned oit gteat.

    would I be correct that a flat (non gloss) version of water based paint might give the best results?

    Thanks for the 'ible but can you explain how the grout makes it better than plain matt black paint for use as a chalkboard? How did you come across this mixture?


    Could you explain what exactly is undanded grout please? I'm french and not sure where to find it. Could you describe it or show the package?

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    la traduction que je trouve est "enduit de jointoiement". du joint à carrelage, j'imagine.

    "grout" est le mot américain utilisé pour désigner le ciment (la poudre qui sert à préparer le mortier et le coulis de ciment / coulis de mortier). En français, cette poudre est usuellement vendue sous le nom de "ciment portland" mais il faut faire attention à ne pas acheter le mélange de ciment et de sable trop souvent vendu sous le même nom ("premixed"), c'est la version sans sable qu'on utilise pour cet instructable.

    Unsanded grout is the finer version of the powder you mix to fill grout lines in tile. If tiles are set close together, you use unhanded grout, and if grout lines are wide (more than 1/4" between tiles), you use sanded grout for strength. Texture is different; you want a chalkboard to be a smooth writing surface.

    you can find un sanded grout at any home improvement store such s Lowe's or any ceramic tile store . Just make sure it says un sanded .

    Great idea! Thanks! Any chance this would work with morter mix or plaster of paris?

    Nice explanation! And it works with other colors of paint; you need contrast with the chalk you'll use, but anything goes!

    I can answer this . It would be water base paint for sure as water and oil base would not mix .