3 LIFE HACKS / Valentine's Day Hacks


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Step 1: To Do a 3 LIFE HACKS for Valentine's Day You Need!!!

Hey guys! This video tutorial will help you to prove or show your love with easy DIY gifts and decorations.
I show 3 Life Hacks that cardboard tubes can be repurposed instead of thrown out.

Step 2: I Tried to Make the List Have Only Useful and Innovative Purposes Instead of Things That Are Just for Crafts.

Typically when the card board tubes are empty they are simply thrown out. But surely something can be made from them.

Step 3: There Are Many Things That Can Be Done With Them and I Show the 3 Life Hacks for Valentines Day!!!

Step 4: I Hope You All Have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

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    3 years ago

    This is great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!