3-Minute Laptop Stand

Introduction: 3-Minute Laptop Stand

Here's what you'll need...

- Thin & light old book
**If you place your laptop on top of the book, there should be at LEAST one inch of space between the top of the book and the top of your laptop. The same goes for the bottom of the book and the bottom of your laptop.
- Sharpie
- pen, pencil or marker
- roll of electrical tape
- scissors
- X-ACTO blade
- (optional) super glue

Step 1:
Make a starter hole with the X-ACTO blade anywhere along the seam of the handball. Then continue the cut along the seam with the scissors.

Step 2:
     Using the electrical tape, secure the marker into place about an inch above the bottom of the book. (refer to photo)
Step 3:

     Place the two halves of the handball one inch from the top of the book. Make sure that they are evenly spaced apart. Place your laptop on top and adjust the handballs if needed.

Step 4:
Mark the placement of the handballs with the Sharpie. Then super glue them to the book inside your markings.

Step 5:
Remind your wallet how much you love it <3

A similar stand can cost $54.95 while this 3-minute project only costs you a few common house supplies.



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