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Need a good background for a small object or even have a green screen studio with not much shadows just with simple office items?

Wondering if you will have good photos with digital cameras.

This Idea was from my Friend

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Step 1: Materials

Paper (depending on your object) Any color of choice
Tape (any tape)
Stand or wall
Desk lamp
Objects to be captured

Step 2: Choosing the Size of a Paper

Any paper will do may it be Oslo paper or even bond paper will do as long as the object will fit in

Step 3: Set-up

After Choosing the paper you will just have to tape the end to the wall or stand

then tape the other end to the base or the ground

Step 4: Light

The position of the light depends on the user when you want shadow in front or even shadow at the back

just explore the position of the light.

Step 5: Camera

The camera may have flash for better light

the camera must be set to auto program so that you wont set it too much. 

I am using a T900 Digital Camera

Step 6: Sample of the Image

here is some pictures taken from the lighting studio

Step 7: Green Screen

Screen could be changed depending on you but for changing the background with a program you will be using Green paper,

after taking the picture with the green paper use a program to change the background

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