3 Mode 14 Led Home-Made Reading Light

Introduction: 3 Mode 14 Led Home-Made Reading Light

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The LED's came from a Bike-light i had and didn't want anymore, So, why not build something new?

The re-used parts I used are:

1. Phone holder for car to make it adjustable

2. 3 X AA Battery case from a remote control car

3. Wires (from a desktop computer)

4. LED's (as I said earlier from a bike light)

5 Diffuser (from a phone screen, you can barely see it in the picture but it spreads the light so it will be less of a spotlight)

Everything was soldered, and to replace the batteries I take it off (It is held on with velcro)

If you want to see more of these kinds of projects make sure to check out my instructables page and subscribe :)

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