3 Proper Ways to Eat Chips




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Follow these steps and forget the crumbs and dirty hands!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Quick and simple how-to video about the 3 ways!

Step 2: 1/1

The Pringles Mission (It works with any kind of tube chips)

Forget about digging your hands into the tube or spreading all over the chips.

The only thing you need is a...

Step 3: 1/2

sheet of Paper!

Fold it into third along to the shorter side.

Step 4: 1/3

Put the folded paper into the tube and now you can easily pull out the paper with the chips.

This way you can eat as many as you want without inconvenience.

When you finished and there still some leftovers just put the paper back to the tube and close it back.

The paper waiting for your next snacking :)

Step 5: 2/1

Take a regular bag of chips and open it in the ordinary way.

Step 6: 2/2

Start pushing and wraping from the bottom of the bag until the chips reach the top of the bag.

Step 7: 2/3

This is how you can make a standing bag of chips.

Now you can forget dirty hands ;)

Step 8: 3/1

Push the center of the bag with you finger and cut it with a scissors (you can use anything you want knife, saw, teeth, etc :)

Step 9: 3/2

Start opening by going around and pulling the opened piece of the bag.

Step 10: 3/3

This way you can make an offering tray for a party :)

Step 11: The End

Lift up the snacking to a higher level ;)

That's the ShiftyWay!

Step 12: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video

As always thanks for your support!



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