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Introduction: 3 Simple DIY's With InstaMorph

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In this Instructable, 3 simple and cool things to make with InstaMorph.

I made a bowl, mobile phone docking/charging station and a floating key chain/key fob.

Step 1: Fancy Bowl

I melted the InstaMorph in a bowl and coloured it orange with a pigment.

Step 2: Fancy Bowl

When pigment was properly mixed with InstaMorph, I reheated the moldable plastic on a stove, above the recommended temperature.

Be careful not to burn yourself.

Similar tot he dough, It was rolled out to desired thickness.

Use a rolling pin that's made from wood or metal.

Do not use a plastic rolling pin as the InstaMorph will most likely stick to it.

Step 3: Fancy Bowl

I heated a metal cookie cutter in a bowl of hot water and cut out a plastic heart.

Again, it's important to use a metal cutter, not plastic.

After cutting the shape, I cooled it down in a bowl of cold, icy water.

Then I repeated the procedure until I had enough plastic hearts.

Don't forget to heat the cookie cutter before cutting another shape as it will cut much better.

Step 4: Fancy Bowl

I also cut white hearts.

I stacked them in a glass bowl and poured hot water on top.

After a minute or 2, I changed the water with cold.

When InstaMorph had cooled, I ended up with a fancy looking bowl.

Step 5: Mobile Phone Docking/Charging Station

I melted some InstaMorph leftovers I had.

I covered my mobile phone with aluminium foil and then, plugged a charging cable

(cable was not connected to the charger)

Step 6: Mobile Phone Docking/Charging Station

I covered the bottom of the phone with InstaMorph.

When I was happy with the angle my phone would sit, I left the InstaMorph to cool down.

InstaMorph might shrink a little bit, so it's important to keep moving the phone every few minutes at the beginning of cooling.

When it has cooled, remove the phone and make sure there is not foil stuck in the charging socket or the plug.

Now plug the cable into the charger and enjoy your perfect fit charging station.

Step 7: Floating Keychain

If you own or work on a boat or just spend time on water, last thing you want is to drop your keys in the water.

To make a floating keychain, I melted a yellow piece of InstaMorph.

Step 8: Floating Keychain

I rolled it flat and used a smaller piece to cover the metal pipe.

I blew a bubble and cooled it under cold running water.

When you cool it down, keep blowing lightly so the bubble would not deform.

Step 9: Floating Keychain

I closed the other end and pierced a hole for an eyelet.

That's it!

Attach it to your keys and go for a boat ride.

If you will accidently drop your keys in the water, they will float.

You can make the bubble smaller or bigger depending on the weight you want it to lift.

Step 10: Extra Things

Here are 2 things that did not make the list as the creating procedure was not recorded.


It was not spinning very good. It did work, but not that good.

Mirror for her with "pencil sharpener pen drive"

Pencil sharpener was created in another Instructable.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    One small tweak for extra cool factor... instead of hearts etc, cut shapes that are tilable, Escher style (eg http://www.cgl.uwaterloo.ca/~csk/projects/escherization/ ) You'd have to build your own cutter, but you could build one with a curved cutting plane and cut the shapes out from instamorph laid down on a matching curved surface, so you would be able to tile around your bowl accurately without the distortion that comes from laying down the flat tiles on a round bowl...


    5 years ago

    Cool ideas. It's got me thinking.