3 Step Glitter "Let It Snow" Christmas Ornaments

Introduction: 3 Step Glitter "Let It Snow" Christmas Ornaments

Today I am sharing with you my “Let It Snow” DIY Ornament. I even made a nifty picture guide for my fellow visual peeps out there. I’m busy, you’re busy, it’s the holidays, and our time is precious so I’ll cut right to the chase.

You will need:
2 paper plates (for the glitter)
1 paintbrush
1 white glue
1 plastic lid or scrap (for the glue)
1 Ornament of your choice
Christmas songs playing in the background….they are great inspiration!

Step One:
Use good old grade-school glue to paint on the first word you want on your ornament. If you have any large letters or it’s a long word, you may want to break it into smaller sections.

Step Two:
Make it rain! Well, at least make it sprinkle! Shake the glitter out and onto the wet glue asap! You want to make it look like you are way overdoing the glitter for optimal shiny-ness and coverage. Now let it dry peacefully.

Step Three:
GENTLY brush off the excess glitter with a light brush or paper towel. Repeat steps if necessary to add more words. If not, decorate with a nice ribbon!

That's it! Easy peasy! I made a series of the "Let It Snow" ornaments, and have full pictures up on this original post. These are perfect for stocking stuffers, or decorating the other gifts you plan on giving. 

Have a great Christmas!

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