3 Things You Can Make From Aerosol Cans




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If you have empty aerosol cans lying around, don't throw them away just yet.

They can be used to make a few useful things.

In this Instructable, I demonstrate 3 ways you can upcycle empty aerosol spray cans.

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Step 1: Pulley

Before cutting open an aerosol can, make sure it's empty. It's a good idea to puncture a hole before cutting the can with tools that could create a spark.

Step 2: Pulley

I cut off the top from 2 cans. Cordless drill was used to spin the disk, so it's easier to sand it.

Step 3: Pulley

I removed spring, stem and the plastic that was holding them.

Step 4: Pulley

I glued both disks together and used bolt&nut as a clamp.

Step 5: Pulley

I made the hole bigger

Step 6: Pulley

I bent and "L" shape bracket into a "U" shape

Step 7: Pulley

I cut a bolt to size

Step 8: Pulley

I used 2 nuts to attach the bolt to the wheel.

I used acorn nuts for ends of the bolt.

To make sure nuts don't get loose, I applied some glue.

Step 9: Pulley

That's it!

Our light duty pulley is ready.

Step 10: Handle

I cut off top and the bottom from the can.

Step 11: Handle

I glued a nut to the top disk.

Step 12: Handle

Then I glued both disks together.

We have made a simple handle.

Step 13: Spinning Toy

I cut off top and the bottom from a can

Step 14: Spinning Toy

Then I glued the stem (stem from pulley's can) to one of the disks.

And last, I glued both disks together.

That's it!

We have made a simple spinning toy.

It can spin for more than 2 minutes.

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    31 Discussions

    Rosa funibus

    2 years ago

    Me encantó!!, Gracias por enseñarnos


    2 years ago

    I love all of these. From practical to fun; all great ways to re-purpose one of the worst landfill offenders there is. I'm making that pulley ASAP. Thanks for sharing.


    2 years ago

    I like this. How many times have I wanted a pulley and not had one, then when at the store, I forget again.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I think the spinning top would have spun even longer if it had not hit the wood edge.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, it would.

    It wsa hard to make it spin without hitting the wood at some point.


    2 years ago

    Man, where do you come up with these ideas? They are awesome. But i have never seen anyone cut a can with scissors. I normally use a hacksaw. But this helps me to see it "can" be done. Thanks for sharing your imagination.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Ha, ha..Thanks :)

    I do have metal cutting scissors, but they don't cut too good.


    2 years ago

    Waste not want not. I'll be making a bunch of the pulleys. Very useful for camping in bear country. Thank you for posting this!

    Your creativity is inspiring.

    1 reply