3 Things You Can Make From Pringles Cans




Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From Pringles Cans

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There are so many things you can make from Pringles cans. Most likely you already know that Pringles can is perfect to store spaghetti. It is also great to make a custom speaker or store rolls of string.

In this Instructable, we look at 3 more things you can do with your Pringles cans.

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Step 1: Tuna Can Dispenser

To make more space in my food cupboard, I tried to stack tuna cans on top of each other. Unfortunately the cans I use are not designed for stacking, so I kept knocking them over.

I covered the Pringles can with adhesive paper to make it more attractive.

Step 2: Tuna Can Dispenser

I cut two holes in the tube.

One for tuna can dispensing and another to see how many cans we have left in the tube.

Now I don't have to worry about knocking over the cans.

When the tuna can is needed, just pull it out. The new can will take its place.

This dispenser will always give you the oldest can first.

First in - First Out!

Step 3: Metal Drink Coaster

I cut off the bottom.

Step 4: Metal Drink Coaster

Then I cleaned off the "use by" date.

That's it!

The bottom of Pringles can makes a perfect drink coaster.

Step 5: Maze Game

I cut off the bottom and cleaned off the "use by" date.

Step 6: Maze Game

I cut a few strips of cadrboard from the Pringles tube.

Step 7: Maze Game

I drew two dots on the plate.

Step 8: Maze Game

I glued the cardboard to the plate, making walls for the maze.

Step 9: Maze Game

I painted everything yellow.

Step 10: Maze Game

When the paint was dry, I put in a small ball (from some kind of jewelry making kit) and closed the maze with a lid.To keep it all together, I used a scotch tape.

Now we can play our Pringles maze game.

This is a great project to do with kids as you can design your own game.



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    Thumbs up!Really like the spaghetti can ideas.

    Great ideas!


    2 years ago

    I wouldn't recommend using metal as a coaster. One of the reasons we use coasters is that the heat from a hot beverage will create a heat stain on wooden surfaces. Metal conducts heat much too well to be used as a coaster on its own. You would have to add a cork or neoprene bottom, otherwise the coaster is less than useless as it'll spread the heat out and probably make a bigger heat stain than what the drink would have made on it's own.

    Your tuna dispenser idea, however, is ingenious! =)

    6 replies

    Spend a couple bucks and get real coasters for your house. It looks ghetto as hell to anyone who comes over to see coasters made out of a can.

    Not upcycling is the new ghetto.

    Don't need to. I already have some Doctor Who ones. =)

    using them as coasters for cool drinks would be fine though :)

    Maybe. But I'm thinking that the metal, once cooled will collect condensation (the same way that the glass the beverage is in 'sweats'). But maybe not. Regardless, it's a far cry from perfect is all I'm saying. The author was only trying to be helpful but if someone follows ShakeTheFuture's advice and uses it as a coaster in all the ways coasters are used because it's "a perfect coaster" and then damages their furniture they'll both be upset. There are a lot of people that don't realise the aim is to protect from heat as well as moisture.

    good one

    I wrapped a set of silverware up in one for Christmas. It made me think it would be a great way to transport sharp silverware for picnics and such .

    1 reply

    'Nice 1 squirrel!' whoever thought of this idea! I've made the cup mat to use in my primary school class and set a good example to my students. I've also put the paper tube in the recycling box, so head pats all around!




    2 years ago

    too good! i like it a lot

    good thinking, some useful ideas!

    I also use these for storing my paint brushes

    I have used these cans for making pillar candles. after the candle is set just tear off the cardboard roll - it is a perect pillar.


    2 years ago

    (A long time ago....) I was "too cool" to eat cafeteria food. One (full size) Pringle can, take it to the grocery store and find smaller red delicious apples or oranges that will fit in the can. One peanut butter & jelly sandwich, cut in half. Put apple or orange in can first, then the cut sandwich folded in half--put next in can above the fruit. Finally, fill rest of can with Pringles chips. (Sandwich will 'shock absorb' the fruit weight if the can goes inverted.) Replace lid, off to school.

    1 reply

    This is one of the best recycle ideas ever. Definitely going to try this!

    The best one is a cantenna . Can't believe they didn't have it on the list.

    Fun Fact: The man who invented the pringles can Graduated from the college in my city... The University of Toledo