3 Upcycling Ideas for Plastic Bottles




Introduction: 3 Upcycling Ideas for Plastic Bottles

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Upcycle your old plastic bottles !

Today we'll show you how to ucycle your plastic bottles.
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It's pretty simple.... Afterwards there are two more LIFE hacks....for the upcycling PROs....

Watch my Youtube Videos here:

Zip Tie Sunglasses

DIY Rope (from plastic bottles)

DIY Bracelets

Step 1: First One: DIY Bracelets

You'll need:

- an iron

- scissors (or knife)

- nail polish

- plastic bottle

Step 2: Cut

Cut the bottle into rings.....

Step 3: Iron

Round off the Corners with the iron (on medium heat)....but don't hurt yourself !!

Step 4: Be Creative

...paint your bracelets from the inside with nail polish.... BE CREATIVE !!!

Step 5: Second: CUP

Use the lower part of the bottle as a cup for something....but round off the corners first (with iron).

Step 6: Third: the Bottle Cap

Use the cut off bottle caps.....

Step 7: ...to Close Bags



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    8 Discussions

    does it have to be a pet bottle? Or can it be a water bottle or soda bottle?

    4 replies

    Lol seanmac I thought you Ment that someone hate a pet bottle ??

    The author means the bottle is made of PET, the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. It's marked #1 on the bottom, inside the recycling sign.

    Fun uses! Nice projects...Thanks!

    Love how you show to use the Entire bottle... you are awesome!

    1 reply