3 Ways to Make a Secret Safe




Introduction: 3 Ways to Make a Secret Safe

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In this instructabale, we are looking at 3 different ways to make a secret safe.

  1. Secret Safe in a Can
  2. Secret Safe in a CD-ROM
  3. Secret Safe in a Vase

Great to drop your spare change when you go for the jog or leave your room.

This more applies for people who share rooms with the strangers or live in places where anyone can enter your room.

It's also great to hide food from your family members.

They don't have to know that you have some Halloween candy left :)

Step 1: Safe in the Can

To make a safe in the can, you will need:

  • A can (Soup, beans, custard etc.)
  • Safety Can Opener (Mine is from Ikea)

It let's you open the can from the sides, not from the top.

  • A lid that's just a little bit smaller than the can in diameter.

You can find these lids on instant coffee jar or similar products.

  • Electrical tape
  • Epoxy glue

Open the can and empty the content.

Wash the can.

Glue both lids together with epoxy glue.

Put a weight on top and wait until the glue dries.

Wrap the lid with electrical tape, until the new lid makes a perfect fit.

That's it!

Step 2: Safe in the CD-ROM

To make a safe in the CD-ROM, you will need an old CD-ROM :)

Open it up and remove everything that takes up space.

If you need to keep any parts for the CD-ROM to look real, try to make them smaller by sawing, breaking etc.

Make sure to wear safety glasses!

Glue all the parts that were reduced in size back in the case.

Glue everything else that does not hold on it's own.

I also removed the side clips from the lid/door, so it can be opened easily.

Put everything back together.

That's it!

Geek's version of a secret safe.

You can even put it back in the computer, if you think no one will be interested to take your PC.

Step 3: Safe in a Vase

To make a safe in a vase, you will need:

  • An empty Wine bottle
  • Some kind of bottle cutter
  • Empty tuna can [does not have to be tuna : ) ]
  • Cork
  • 2 nuts, washer and a bolt
  • Electrical tape
  • Epoxy glue and White glue
  • Rope or Yarn
  • Spray paint

Take your bottle and score the line.

Split the bottle by heating and cooling the line.

I like to use candle and ice, but any method will do. What matters is the result.

Sand the inside edges of the lower bottle piece.

Otherwise the cork we'll be making, might keep catching on the sharp edges

Drill a hole in the cork and in the can.

Slide a bolt in the cork and screw on a nut with a washer.

Cover the cork with an epoxy glue and slide it in the bottle neck.

Put on the can and screw on another nut

Leave it to dry.

Cover the can with electrical tape until it fits perfectly in the lover bottle.

Spray paint the bottle.

Cover some parts of the bottle (especially where the split is) with a rope or yarn.

That's it.

Good luck guessing that the bottle vase is actually a secret safe.

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    5 years ago

    Candyyyyyy :D

    Chopper Rob
    Chopper Rob

    5 years ago

    If you really poor (like me) you probably would steal the can of baked beans just for protein.


    5 years ago

    for vase/bottle you can soak a string in gas and wrap it were you want the cut. light it and let it burn. sometimes you'll hear a crack. dip it in water while its hot to finish the cut.