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Intro: 3 Yarn EAR WARMERS

the following instructions are to knit very quick and easy Ear Warmers, a great way to use up ends of yarn.

Step 1: Back View

This is how it looks from behind if the ribbon is on the top of the head

Step 2:

This is how it looks if the ribbon is tied at the neckline.

Step 3: Supplies

three yarn selections, I used Wool Ease Thick & Quick, "blossom"
a slightly less bulky "dark Purple" and something called Bernat Boa, "parrot" it looks like a very long strand of eyelashes!
large needles, I used size 17
darning needle

Step 4: Cast on and Knit

cast on 7 stitches and knit each row till your piece is approx, 22"-24" in length.

Step 5: Cast Off

cast off and turn in about an inch on each end of the knitted piece.

Step 6: Ribbon

cut a section of ribbon about 24" in length

Step 7: Finish

feed the ribbon through each end of the knitted ear warmers. quick and easy



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