RECUMBENT HOME + DETACHABLE BIKE (concept) (not Final Version Part 2 Coming)




Introduction: RECUMBENT HOME + DETACHABLE BIKE (concept) (not Final Version Part 2 Coming)


This is my first Instructable, had to tell you that I did this for the SPRING BIKE CONTEST, but just realized of it 3 days ago... So I had to work all weekend non-stop, to get to this. This of course is not the final version, but it´s like the base or concept . And I think that you can realize the final version inside of this "prototype".

The basic idea was to build a recumbent trike, with a cargo place and a home/bed way, plus having the possibility of LIGHT MOVILITY with a DETACHABLE NORMAL BIKE. I find very usefull the thing of leaving a normal frame to detach so you can move to any place easier  without all the cargo.

The ugly pipes, and the poor joints are just too put them togheter, everithing will be cleaner and off course safer. ( I would not ride this thing like this not even crazy ) Also the bed won´t be this bed, I will do a very light but strong structure for it. So I can sleep inside and also travell with my things.

For this I used 3 old bikes I had, one of my grandfather, one finded in the junk and one for $15, used an old bed, and some junk I had in my place. Had to buy some smaller things, but this was more for the hurry of being able to arrive to the final date of the content ( wich is today).

Coments are always welcomed, and if you would vote for this proyect I guarante I´ll post a PART 2, with all of the improvements, plus riding videos.

Have many ideas in my head, but do not have the time to put them all in here. Like a rear traction for both wheels an aerodinamical shape, and a hanging seat.

Wish you find this interesting, sorry for any mistake or for my not too good english.  Hope to win some price, saw some of the products of  REI and they have cool things, and the Monkeylectric Monkey Lights looks amaizing.  It would be great for continuing the project.

Bye bye!!

Step 1: Finding the Right Positions

This were the first tests. Placed some parts in the floor and looked for the shapes.

Step 2: Hanging in the Air

Find very usefull to hang everething in the ceiling  for seeing the hole picture and finding best ways.

The guy win a reflective head, now he can think !

Step 3: Cuting Some Parts Begining the Thing

Had to cut one of the parts of the bike because it blocked my legs when turning the wheel side to side, I cut he black one, not the one on the photo. Put one large pole that I had in my home to join the 2 frames. The white pipes are from a garden chair.

Step 4: Instaling the Bed, and the Roof.

Time for the bed. Had to cut some woods, to let the frames fit inside, wasn´t hard.

Then did the roof structure, with the garden chairs and some other pipes. Also easy.

Step 5: Final "prototipe" + Video

Here is the fast construction I could do in 3 days. Had to work all alone and sleep quiet little time, even though it looks like shit !

The idea is to do a very easy detachable bike. Like in the video or easier.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hello Lelamat

    Do you have the "PART 2"

    Let's GO the road is calling us


    Nice work on the concept. You did a good job mate.
    Looking forward for the Part 2 of the build, it is defiantly on my to-do list in vacations.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, Bilal, (answering very late). Let you know when it´s done. Started the built of a normal recumbent but will not leave the idea.

    Thanks again for the support. Byebye


    9 years ago on Introduction

    very interesting concept, Im looking forward to seeing how it turns out and how it preforms


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks l8nite, ME TOO !! hehe, just when I finish it, I´ll post the part 2, with it well assembled and working if everething goes ok. Thanks for the possitive comment !