Hey guys!

Today I'm going to show you three easy sandwich ideas. These are a healthy option for a school lunch that you can accompany with some fruit or a salad. You can also take ideas to make your own sandwiches using these recipes as an inspiration.
For the first sandwich you will need:

- 2 slices of bread
- Some lettuce
- Some tomato slices
- 6 boiled prawns
- A hardboiled egg
- Mayonnaise and ketchup

To make the sandwich you will only need to layer all the ingredients: the lettuce, the tomato slices, the prawns, a little bit of mayonnaise (don't add to much so you keep it healthy) , ketchup and the egg.

That's it!

The second one is a vegan recipe and you will need:

- 2 slices of bread
- 20 gr of green and red pepper
- 10 gr of onion
- 20 gr zucchini
- Tomato sauce and oregano

For this sandwich you will first need to toast the bread in a toaster.
In the meantime  cook the veggies in a pan: the zucchini, peppers and the onion.
Also I recommend heating the tomato sauce a tiny bit in the microwave.
Finally  layer the ingredients on the bread. Add some oregano on to spice up the sandwich.

This sandwich is a delicious vegan option. Yum!

For the last sandwich you will need:

- 2 slices of bread
- 50 gr of tuna
- 40 gr of onion
- Mayonnaise and mustard

As in the second recipe you will first need to toast the bread.
Then chop the onion in small pieces, and mix all the ingredients on a bowl. Again don't add to much mayonnaise because it has a lot of calories.

Finally put the mixture on the bread and enjoy a healthy sandwich!

As always thanks for watching!



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