+3-in-one Origami Jacket, Pants and Corset



Introduction: +3-in-one Origami Jacket, Pants and Corset

Fun and easy way to make 3 in one origami clothes. just use your imagination and you'll see a lot more! :)

Step 1: Materials.

square shaped paper.

I recommend you to take a thin and big piece of paper because it will get smaller with the folding and folding which gets it thicker. if you use a small and thick piece of paper it would be a little bit harder to do.

Step 2: Folding. Part 1

fold your paper by halfs as shown.

Step 3: Folding. Part 2

bring all corners to center. be careful to do it always accurately :)

Step 4: Folding. Part 3

turn your square backwards. once turned backwards, repeat folding your paper again as shown the folding step no. 2 (corners to center).

as you can see, by now, this steps are exactly the same to make the famous game (which I don't know its name in english because I'm latina haha... in my country it's called "cortapicos y callares" or something like that).

Step 5: Folding. Part 4

repeat entirely the folding step no. 3. turn square backwards and fold corners to center.

everytime folding this become trickier because it gets thicker and thicker.

Step 6: Folding. Part 5

turn around your paper once again and take a pair of those triangles the previous folding made, and by their division edge, separate them andtake them to the exterior extreme corner they belong to, as shown. do the same with the triangles below those you folded already.

Step 7: Folding. Part 6

I think this is the trickiest step of this...

1. the four remaining triangles belong to (watching backwards) an upper and lower folded triangle shaped wing. take them (for 2 of the 4 triangles left) and unfold them as shown.

2. now seems like it's a whole new big triangle. unfold it too as shown.

3. take the lower half of that and fold it to center, just like in the picture.

there you have the arm of the jacket!

4. repeat steps 1, 2, 3 from folding step no. 6 to have the other arm.

Step 8: Almost Done!

as you can see, you already made your jacket! you can choose whether to fold or not the lower part of the arms to have a more realistic look of your jacket.

ok... now, you can decide to make it a whole jacket and take advantage of the front side of it which it would be for the pants and corset. if it is so, to have your corset and pants you just have to fold your jacket by the half and it's done!

Step 9: Now That Is Done, Customize It! :)

nothing better than giving your touch to the things you do... customize your new clothes with markers, colors to your favorite brands or even the team of your college or school or use your imagination and see what other things you could make with this... for example i made a head of a beautiful chihuahua dog... be creative! :)

Step 10: Extra! :D

this is something I just found out that could help you when you're painting your origami figure. it would take a little more time than painting shallowly but it's worth it :p

once all steps done, unfold it completely. be careful with paper.

you should have something like I have in the picture number one of this step. then follow the pattern of the next picture (blue and black lines are just for contrasting) and fold it again taking in count the most coloured side is in the very first folding step, the back.

have fun!

hope I made myself clear and you guys liked it. ♥

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