3 Styles of Jewelry Organizers 'on the Cheap'

Introduction: 3 Styles of Jewelry Organizers 'on the Cheap'

About: I'm an independent lady who enjoys designing and completing new projects inside and outside my home. Quite satisfying to re use/ recycle and re purpose 'on the cheap' and realize a finished project that star...

I'd like to think of some kind of jewelry organizer that I can make myself.  Of course, I have to be able to come up with an idea of how to make it 'on the cheap'

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Step 1: The Idea

so, I get to thinking...what I really need is something I can hang on the wall and store some earrings and necklaces.  Something that I can see everything in a quick glance.
So I head out to the garage to find a piece of wood suitable for my newest project

I come up with a few thin 2"W x 1/4"D x 10"L and I saw out 4 of them
The idea is to join all 4 together in a square
Next I get some picture hanging wire and string it across from side to side (at the back) using a screw in the back on each side to hold it in place
I can hang my earrings on this organizer and they're easy to see

Step 2: Another Organizer

For this organizer I want to be able to hang necklaces so it will have to be a bit different.

I saw off a piece of wood approx 1/4" x 10"L x 4.5"W

I then hammer small finishing nails evenly spaced apart

Next I get 2 triangle picture hanger hardware and attach at the top at the back

I hammer 2 nails into the wall just inside my closet and hang my new organizer in place

Voila!  I can hang all my necklaces in one place and see them at a glance as soon as I open the closet

Step 3: Another Style of Organizer

After making my first 2 styles I think of yet another design to hang more earrings on

just get a small piece of wood
I used 1/4" x 9"L x 4"W

I then got a few small screws and turned them almost fully into the wood evenly spaced

I can now hang extra earrings on each screw and they're easy to see

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