3 Types of Cheap Fancy Rings for All Type of People

its too easy , what i am gonna tell u

material needed

rainbow wire



a pair of scissors

instant glue

2 set epoxy (solid )

a brain

human hands

a soul !!!

Step 1:

the first is for the girl type men

cut the rainbow wire after measuring it around your finger

put insta glue on one side

and paste the othe side on it

voila , your ring is done in 45 seconds

Step 2:

the next is for punk people

1 take 2 set epoxy

2 mix it

3 make a ball

4 shape it into a ring

let it dry

(optional ) a few metal sticks

paint it .,\

voila !!!

Step 3:

third is for the bikers type

take a trackbelt of robots

measure and cut it

applu insta glue on one side

stick the other side

voila !!

Step 4:



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