3 X 3 X 3 LED Cube

A few weeks ago I bought the Velleman 3D 3 x 3 x 3 LED Cube. Along the making of this project I did something wrong and I could not get the cube to work.I decided to convert this failure into a working cube. I took my Arduino out and started to write the code.

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Step 1: Getting Started

Remove the four screws and the plastic spacers. Do not discard them as you will be use them for a different project. Disconnect the main PCB from the PCB that the LED’s is connected to.

Step 2: Connecting the Pins

Plug the golden pins into a breadboard. Hold the PCB in the same way as the third photo. start to plug the male jumper wires into the breadboard. From right to left plug the jumpers in as follows.

1. First pin to pin 11 on Arduino.

2. Second pin to pin 12 on Arduino.

3. Third Pin to Pin 13 on Arduino.

4. Fourth Pin to Pin 2 on Arduino.

5. Fifth Pin to Pin 3 on Arduino.

6. Sixth Pin to Pin 4 on Arduino.

7. Seventh Pin to Pin 5 on Arduino.

8. Eight Pin to Pin 6 on Arduino.

9. Nineth Pin to Pin 7 on Arduino.

10. Tenth Pin to Pin 8 on Arduino.

11. Eleventh Pin to Pin 9 on Arduino.

12. Twelfth Pin to Pin 10 on Arduino.

Step 3: The Code

Open the arduino code generating sodtware. you can download the software from http://arduino.cc/en/main/software Once you have the program opened download this file and open it in your software.

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    Thanks for the positive coments. Hope you will have as much fun as I did. It takes a while to write the code but the fun and amazement you get from other people makes it whorth while.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    No problem! And you need to check your email that is tied to your instructables account, you're supposed to get a membership. Let me know if you don't. Thx


    4 years ago

    Smart idea! Look at my 4x4x4 led cube project. Thanks for shearing :)


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