$30 Adjustable Shelf Display Case




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This pretty cool looking display case was a really awesome build. It took me and my Papa a weekend to put it together, probably 4-5 hours in the garage. It is a pretty simple design, all it is is basically shelves suspended on a 3' long screw with nuts and homemade washers made out of a strip of aluminum. Though the though didn't cross my mind after like through the isles of lowes for an hour or so. I am hoping on completing it by sand the edges cause they look pretty rough. Then putting some felt on the selves so that I can display my old electron tube collection (last pic). Please vote for me and leave a comment!



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    great idea. I can grasp the concept by just looking at the photos, but would have never thought about it myself lol. good job


    5 years ago

    Sorry about that. I would have made a full instructable if I had my camera. But anyways I cut two 25 3/4x4 x 1 (which is actually only 3/4') and two 16' long 1x4 then screwed them into a rectangle. The inside should be 16'x24'. Then take a drill and drill holes the same size as your rod 1/2' from the ends of all 7 shelves witch are 8' long and are made out of the 1x4 board. Then take one of the precut shelves and position it so you can stagnate the shelves back and forth. I hope this helps a bit! Thank u for pointing that out to me! ( ;

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Add this information in your instructable :-) that way it will be there for those who don't read the comments . Great idea !


    5 years ago

    So how'd did you build it?