30 Extra Lives in Contra #hercules2016

We all know that Contra is one hell of a game and so you're going to need thirty extra lives. With this instructable I'll be showing you step by step instructions on how to get extra lives with the infamous Konami Code

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Step 1: Grab an NES Console

Before you do anything for that sweet Contra glory. You are going to have to get an NES console. As far as I know, the NES is the only console that support's Contra.

Step 2: Get an NES Controller

If you don't have an NES controller with you then I recommend that you grab it and firmly place your hands around it.

Step 3: Power the System and Enter the KONAMI CODE

What you want to do now at this stage is to enter the following button sequence: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start

Step 4: Be Optimistic and Don't Give Up

The challenge of Contra is mild but for some it may be very difficult to complete the game. So remember, in order to have fun, one should be challenged.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Extra Lives, You're Going to Need Them

Now godspeed to you and hope that you don't end up being like this unhappy camper ↑

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