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Introduction: 30 Minutes Duct Tape Belt

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A couple of years ago I found this incredible and extravagant belt-buckle online. It was out of a set of first editions which never made it to mass market. Here the buckle finally gets its well deserved place in the spotlight as part of the duct tape challenge.

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Step 1: This Is What You Need

- duct tape of your choice
- belt buckle (mine is vintage 70s : D)
- measuring tape
- pair of scissors
- small strip of vegan leather, should be about 1/2 inch narrower than the duct tape

Step 2:

Measure around your waist and add 1-2 inches. Cut the strip of vegan leather. Unroll your duct tape and lay it out on the table, sticky side up. Put the vegan leather in the middle of the duct tape. Leave about 1 inch of duct tape empty at the small end. Stick the strip onto the tape and unroll the taperoll as you need. Continue until you reach the end of the strip. Leave 1 inch without vegan leather and cut.

Step 3:

Fold and stick the duct tape all around.

Step 4:

Loop the belt through the buckle, fold over and fasten with a short stip of duct tape around the folded end. Repeat at the other end where the buckle lock is. !This defines the length of the belt, so make sure to check your length again BEFORE you tape around the second end. To finish your belt you need to put duct tape onto the other side of the belt. Unroll the duct tape and put it on the table sticky side up. Put your belt in the middle of the tape again and repeat what you did on the first side. Stick and fold all around.

Step 5: Tata

Loop the belt through your favourite jeans and ENJOY the look.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    what is vegan leather?


    Reply 2 years ago

    It is made from paper and some kind of binder. It is called SNAP PAP. You can probably find a better explanation online. :D


    3 years ago

    That's fun! You could make all sorts of patterns :)