30 Second Duct Tape Pick Holder

Introduction: 30 Second Duct Tape Pick Holder

I got bored and decided to use my Duck brand duct tape to make something useful. I started thinking about what i might need in the future or useful items I could make easily. I thought about some equipment you could buy from a store like Guitar Center, and how to make easy alternatives. I came up with this pick holder. You can tape it to anything (mic stands, amps, even your guitar itself!), and if you use Duck brand duct tape or another high quality duct tape, it wont leave a sticky residue.

Step 1: To Start Off...

Get a piece of duct tape. If you're semi-OCD like I am and have to have straight cuts, if you get a little water on the scissors they cut through and don't get stuck to the tape.

Tip: a normal pick is about 1 inch at its widest. so lengthen or shorten it accordingly.

Step 2: The Basic Structure

Fold it over about one-third of the way across. You need this non-sticky patch to grab the pick off of the tape.

Step 3: Add the Holding Piece

All you need to do is cut a little piece of tape to hold your pick holder up, and now you have a functional pick holder!

Tip: If you want them hanging from a mic stand, you can make this piece of tape longer and loop it around the stand, and stick it back to itself for maximum security from falling.

Step 4: Okay...

...So now you have a pick holder. Great. But where do you put it, you may ask?
Put it on a wall, amp, mic stand, guitar (Only if you have high quality tape! you dont want residue on your baby), heck, you could put it on your pant leg! Its up to your imagination as to where it belongs.

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