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I like to listen to music and so I came up with this idea.

It is a 300 w stereo (BOOMBOX) which can be powered by a normal power outlet or buy a 12v power supply,so you can use it in your car too.

The awesome thing about it is that you can plug anything that uses a normal audio plug into it.

You can also plug a mic into it so you can use it as a mini karaoke system.

I used a thick bamboo wood so that you can get a nice bass sound from it.

If you want to listen to your favourite music in privicy you can plug an earphone into the earphone jack.

You must just switch off the tweeters and the speakers with the two red switches and your ready to start LISTENING.

I added a nice looking handel to the boombox for extra portabality.

Normaly I use it to play music from my computer,my cellphone and my PSP.

It works really awesome and I love it.

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6 years ago on Introduction

I think you need some more speakers if that amplifier of yours is really 300 watts. I'm running one stereo here at around 300 watts and I'm using 6 speaker cabinets 2 3 way 12s, 2 2 way 10s, and 2 2 way 8s. I'm not sure if what I have is awesome, but it will physically slap you around. I've also found that 12" drivers are the minimum for real power. 10s just don't cut it. 12s seem capable to me though. I'm sure the 15s are awesome, some of those might get a little flabby though I'd imagine too, unless you really get the pro gear. Then again at 15" what isn't pro gear?

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Jody Frankenpfred2

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction


Actualy the amp is really 300w and the two speakers are 200w each so I think it is correct

pfred2Jody Franken

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

You know at 12 volts 300 watts is 25 amps? The thing that is difficult to escape is high watt amplifiers are usually high voltage too.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

For a 15in speaker that's hard to beat for it's sound, an ElectroVoice ("EV"), while maybe a bit pricey, will give you a great punch, without getting "flabby".



5 years ago on Introduction

This is really unique looking, creative design and impressive craftsmanship. I assume you purchase the bamboo pre-laminated in plank form, or do you laminate the bamboo to form those planks yourself?