30seconds Nailpolish PCB

Introduction: 30seconds Nailpolish PCB

Now a days buzy life demads we do more work .. yes not leave circuit making behind, the PCB etching with fecl3 and other chemicals takes lot time and effort .

As today i will show you 30seconds PCB making tricks, you need 2 chemicals

that is nor mally found in most places

All analog and basic circuits can be done like this.

smaller ics can be done , make sure after nail polish dries you remove the accidental joins .

[you can make better looking lines by choppingoff the lines once polish dries ]

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Step 1: Get the Supplies From NASA

not real NASA

NASA-> Nearby any shop As available

1.cleaning hcl -- hardware store

2.h202 -- chemist shop

Step 2: Dip and Finish a Chips Pack and Done !

Ok lets do it

========30sec etch==================

1. Draw circuit with marker and apply nailpolish , dry

(my markers dont last in HCL, people can try with some

types that are acid resistant then nail polish is not needed)

2.In a plastic plate mix 1:1 h2o2 and hcl thats it

3.dip the board 30sec ...well based on the acid u have

may keep 2min ...!

I add few amount of salt to speedup ,n harm in trying this.

Finally the board turns green and you can visibly see the unwanted copper

gone as the solution is clear


* some fumes were given in the process , do it in well ventilated area

* never leave it very long max 5min error if u forget who knows HCL may damage the

needed lines

See the bath bucket ALARM so neat on the upper side

Bathbucket alarm: Used in immersion heater water bucket, beeps when water is warm enough

"will post circuit soon"

recommended 1 pack of lays to pass time, the small amt HCL should be able to do 5 to 10 boards

i didnot try . Now a days diy is so easy . I dont have to join 30 wires to do a small build

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