How to Mod a 5" Monitor From 12v to 5v Usb Power




Introduction: How to Mod a 5" Monitor From 12v to 5v Usb Power

you will need :

power bank

usb cable (cut small end off)



video source ( like yellow video out cable...raspberry pi,playstation,tv box whatever)

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Step 1: Check Monitor Is Working on 12v and Has Video Input

connect whatever video equipment you have

plug 12v power in check you have a picture on screen (leave input signal connected throughout.)

unplug 12v power plug leave picture source on.

Step 2: Open Tv Carefully by Removing the Four Screws

open case drill a hole for usb wire i did mine by the other cable

cut the small end off cable and pass through casing

strip cable connect red to first of four tiny holes on pcb and tape over (or solder.)

then split the casing of the black wire already soldered on board and connect black from usb and tape up (or solder to where black is on board

put back together DONE.

plug usb into powerbank and picture should come back on


only use 12v OR 5v usb....... if your not ever going to use 12v cut red plug off

Step 3: Enjoy Your 5 Volt Usb Monitor

i am using mine with a 20mm cctv cam also powered by usb attached to my air rifle scope to give me a 5" hd picture with reticle/cross hairs on screen for day shooting

and also a ir torch mounted to scope for basic night vision as the cam detects ir light but pic on screen will be black and white for night shooting

what will you use yours for ??

also for pi heads two powerbanks connected in series may power the pi (untested.)

please like if i helped and comment and share

i accept no liability if you mess up your stuff

btw yes i tried usb black to pin 4 but it didnt work ?

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    2 years ago

    That's a neat setup :)