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Introduction: 360 Degree Multi Purpose Bright LED Light

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This is very useful 360 degree multi purpose bright LED light. as the name itself you can find the details of this lamp ....

360 degree means this lamp illuminate the light in all the direction .

Multi purpose means this lamp can be used as table lamp or ceiling lamp or floor ....

Bright LED light means it provide very high bright illumination.

one more main thing is...!! the frame of the lamp is made by PVC pipe ..

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1.PVC pipe - as required in size[to fix the transformer inside].

2.LED 8mm 1/2 watts - 42 no's.

3.Transformer 24v 1amps - 1 no.

4.Switch]1 or 5 amps] - 3 no's.

5.Diode IN4007 - 4 no's.

6.Resistor 33 ohm 1 watts- 7 no's.

7.Capacitor 100uf 63v-1 no.

8.General purpose PCB - small size[to make bridge rectifier circuit ].

9.wire -as required length [2meter].

10.Insulation tape-1 no.

11.Flat PVC sheet -as required size.

12.Metal sheet & screw [fix the flat PVC sheets on PVC frame].

13.Flex kwik [instant adhesive]-20g


1.Hacksaw blade 14 inch


3.wire stripper.

4. soldering kit.

Step 2: Making the PVC Frame.

now we are going to make the PVC frame ,so just take the PVC pipe and cut it as mentioned in the image.... similarly cut the flat PVC sheet as mentioned in the image to fix on the PVC frame....

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:-

This is the circuit diagram of this bright led lamp

Detailed analysis of this circuit

*Each 33 ohm resistor dissipates 399.3 m

*All resistors dissipate 2795.1 mW together,

*The LED dissipate 16170 mW

*Total power dissipated by the array is 18965.1 mW

*The array draws current of 770 mA from the source.

Step 4: Perparing the Bridge Rectifier

In this step we are going to prepare the bridge rectifier... this used to convert the AC into DC, then there is a capacitor is used to give the perfect and ripple less output

Step 5: Arranging the LED

Now we are going to arrange the led on flat PVC sheet ...just refer the attached image to clarify then do the connection as per the circuit diagram and then do soldering properly...


while doing LED arrangements be sure with that LED polarity(+)&(-)

Step 6: Placing the Transformer & Switch

Next part is placing the transformer & switch on the PVC frame ....just place the transformer inside to the PVC pipe& screw it them similarly make a square type space on PVC pipe to fix switch ..after fixed the switch ..give a connection to the switch then place the flat PVC sheet in their place and then screw it them..so here we are going to screw only on the top side on the flat sheet ....for bottom of the sheet use the flex kwik to fix them ....you may ask why do u use screw to fix the bottom also ...we may use the screw on bottom ...but i dont have have the screw's thats y i used the instant adhesive to fix it...must use screw's on top or in bottom side for safety purpose....

Step 7: Fixing the Clamp & Testing

This is the final step ....

here we going to fixe the clamp on the bottom of the PVC pipe ..take one clamp and fix it

after that test the LED lamp ...to test connect the power cable to socket on ac switch board now every thing done !!!! its ready to fix it on your ceiling....

finally we got a 360 degree multi purpose LED light....

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