360° Very Cheap Time Lapse Mount V2.0


Introduction: 360° Very Cheap Time Lapse Mount V2.0

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This is an upgrade of the 360° very cheap Time Lapse mount v1.0 HERE

In this version i'll make a mount to use my GoPro without the case and with the wire plug in to make a time lapse longer than the battery life :)

Step 1: Get Some LEGO

I used a larger plarform than 6x9, a 12x6 and some various bricks from previous LEGO packs.
watch the images:

Step 2: Put All Together

put the pieces together to fit with the GoPro or the camera as you prefer! :)

Step 3: Done !

try to fit the Gopro or the Camera

Step 4: Test It Out

try to Lapse with  the wire plugged in :)





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    2 Discussions

    genius idea and so simple, thanks. where did you get the external battery pack, and how long does it last?

    1 reply

    now i have a 10.000 mah Battery pack and it lasts too much, i can timelapse 3 days