36V 11.6Ah Li-ion Battery Pack




Introduction: 36V 11.6Ah Li-ion Battery Pack

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Building a 36V 11.6Ah 18650 lithium-ion NCA cells battery pack and a 12V electric system for headlight and other 12V electric devices. Key-switched powerlock with two positions switch on the battery pack on first position, and switch on the 12V electric system on second position. 12W Headlight and 2A USB port devices are included to the system. All components are installed into an aluminium ebike frame box.Battery pack:- 10 serial, 4 paralleled 2900mAh 3C max Panasonic 18650 NCA Lithium-ion cells.- Spot welded 0.1mm x 6mm pure nickel strips.- 15 Amps. Máx. continuos BMS* with balancing function.- 12 AWG Wires.- 85mm diameter Battery Shrink Wrap- 10s 36V lithium-ion configured battery meter (removable)- 60A XT60 connector for charge and discharge- 2A 36V 10s lithium-ion charger with XT60 connector*BMS protection: HVC, LVC, short-circuit, over-discharge, over-charge.12V Electric system & powerlock- 36VDC-12VDC converter (10A máx.)- 2 position key-switched powerlock- 12W (real) aluminium headlight- 2A USB ports device (12VDC - 5VDC converter)- Wattmeter with XT60 connectors, configured to check charge or discharge- 12AWG & 16AWG wiring- 14AWG-16AWG spades connectors - 10A máx. rocker switches- Waterproofing with hotmelt silicone




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    4 Discussions

    How to make a protection circuit for this battery?

    Hey EVMadrid I was able to find the Panasonic lithium ion NCA 18650 cells, Can you please give me a link where I can buy the Panasonic lithium ion NCA 18650 cells


    Did you a spot welder to connect the batteries up?

    1 reply

    We use a spot welder to solder all the batteries