3D Anaglyph Text




I discovered how make a cool 3d image with letters or small doodles at different depths. This requires red/cyan (red/blue if your not technical) glasses.


Step 1: Download Software

Get these free programs
Gimp 2.4.6 - Photoshop (not free) will work, but I use Gimp. http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

Callipygian 3D - This is used to combine pictures into an anaglyph.

I can NOT provide support for these programs.

Step 2: Draw Basic Picture

Open Gimp and click File/New then set the size. The default should be 420x300. I change it to 1000x714, which is about the same ratio.
Then your canvas opens. Inside of that, go to Layer/New Layer. Name that layer as the first letter that you want. After that you can use the paintbrush tool with black to draw the letter. Then add another layer and name it for your next letter. Then draw the letter. Repeat until you write all you want.

Step 3:

save as **** 1.jpg where **** is the name of the photo. click export, then ok.

Step 4: Add Depth

There should be a dialog titled layers. Select the first letter layer and use the move tool to click on that letter and move it left and right. Move it left for towards you, right for away. DO NOT move up or down, or that will mess up the effect. DO NOT move more than 25 pixels. Do this for each letter. I do random positions for each one. Save as **** 2.jpg.

Step 5: Make 3D

Now open Callipygian 3D. You might have to find it in C:\Program Files\Callipygian 3D\Callipygian2.9 or similar. Open the left and right pictures. **** 1.jpg is left, **** 2.jpg is right. Select the area where there is text by simply dragging over it. Then click Preview 3D/Anaglyph. Now you can put on your glasses and enjoy. You can save from there. I would save it as ****.jpg.

Step 6: Finished

I hope this Instructable was informative! Let me know if you have trouble regarding this. Good Luck!



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    could you please supply a download link for the 3d program? the website is down, also, i would recommend you make the links for the external open in new tab or new window, simply for convenience. if this instructable had a rating system for out of 5 stars, ide rate this 3.5 now, and 4 if those links worked. great job!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Do you mean like this, see image. This is easily done in Photoshop. Select Image, then duplicate it in three layers with 3 colours. Shift them slightly. then flatten layers. Job is done. Do the same with Text. Happy shifting.

    1 reply
    astro boyDipankar

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    not rely sorry its creating the illusion of one different picture with each eye the red and blue are filtered by the glasses so each eye sees one pic that coluer try putting your hand over one eye and swap it, there are 2 different pictures. this is processed in your brain to see depth and since your eyes are side by side one of the two pics can't be up or down more than the other. I assume you have 3d glasses and have read this ible your way makes a that is viewed by both eyes not one eye. the ible makes you figure out that this thing is allot closer ore a little closer from you and yours says this is in front of this. I'm not trying to be mean and its a good try but study the topic and you'll understand


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Here are a couple I did with photopaint and anaglyph software

    Zach SW 3D.jpgweird2.jpg

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Actually, what he is doing is producing true 3d as a 3d movie would use. It (Should) work with anysize text, and what DIpankar did is just wrong.... There should only be 2 layers, both 50% transparent one Cyan, one red. Then the colors mix together to form what looks like the 3rd layer. This also works with photos btw

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    But there has to be 2 photos, then combine them. I'm into 3D photography, panoramas, and greenscreening. On mother's day, I took a 3D picture of a rose plant and printed it on the front of a card. I can also can make 3D pictures from POV-Ray. The one below is my favorite. It requires 3D glasses.

    drums 3d.jpg

    10 years ago on Introduction

    neat trick This will work with printed words, but you must use large letters and a space between each letter..if you are using photoshot use offset to move
    the pictures using -(minus) for one set and postive for the other ( just use without -) example
    set 1 -5-5 there are two numbers in offset,the orther set use 5 5 without the minus--------GOOD LUCK-----