3D CAD Tutorial - Extrude Feature - #2 - Multi-Step Pyramid




In this Tutorial, you will gain additional 3D CAD experience with Alibre Design, by creating an Extruded Multi-Step Pryamid.

If you would like to try this and don't yet have a copy of Alibre Design, you can get the Alibre Design Trial , or Alibre Design Express . Text Only versions of these tutorials are on my Alibre Design Tutorials Site .

In the next step, you will have a pdf file - open this to do the tutorial.

You will start out by being shown Launcing of Alibre Design, selecting Work Offline, opening and Maximizing the size of a New Part workspace, and setting up some Properties for elements of the work space, and also Options - including Grid selections, Color Scheme, and standard defaults.

I then show you creating a sketch, extruding it, adding the next layers with project to sketch and offset, followed by extrude again. There are 6 levels or steps in this Pyramid, and you will practice with the process over these 6 repeated operations gaining familiarity and confidence. This is followed by use of the Mirror command a couple times to complete the Model, then saving the file, adding simple colors and reflective properties, and saving the updated file.

Continue on to the next step for the Tutorial!

Step 1: 3D CAD Tutorial - Extrude Feature - #2 - Multi-Step Pyramid - Instructions

Follow the content in the pdf below for the complete Tutorial on this Multi-Step Pyramid Model.

Elements covered in the sketch mode include:
- Activate Sketch
- Two Corner Rectangle
- Referencing the Origin with the sketch
- Referencing a Feature to Project to Sketch
- Sketch Line Offset Direction & Distance
- Delete Line
- Dimensioning & Display References
- Trim figures (lines)

Elements covered in the Extrude Feature Include:
- Selecting Sketch to Extrude
- Selecting Type of Extrude (Depth, Next, Mid-plane, Geometry)
- Selecting Direction of Extrude
- Setting Depth values
- Draft Angles
- Labeling the Feature
- Completing the Extrude

Also covered is the use of the Feature Mirror Tool.

Proceed to the PDF file for the Full Instructions on creating thei Multi-Step Pyramid.

Step 2: 3D CAD Tutorial - Extrude Feature - #2 - Completion - Feedback


Please feel free to [mailto:alibre_rob@hotmail.com?subject=Instructables_Step-Multi-Pyramid_Completed! send me an email] letting me know you completed this Tutorial.



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    2 Discussions

    WOW, I finally got through this tutorial.  I was having problems with Alibre Std itself popping up error messages in the middle of what I was doing - I turned off "pop up on errors under tools - options and I got through the whole thing - what a wonderful instructable - I have been trying to figure this ridiculously bizzarre program out for years and now thanks to Rob and this and other tutorials I think that I can finally abandon Corel Draw 13 and start using Alibre v10 Std full time.

    I have been Alibre-ized thanks to Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    sugeri - Hey Thanks for letting folks know how much you like these tutorials. And to think - I did them some time back in AD V7 mostly!

    Each of them with a pdf file were designed so you don't have to do one - to do another - but each was created with the goal to be a stand alone tutorial!

    I may be doing another set soon.  For new users - try Alibre Express for free!