3D CAD Tutorial - Revolve Feature - #1 - Create a Bowl

In this Tutorial, you will be introduced to 3D CAD with Alibre Design, by creating a simple Revolve Feature - a Bowl.

If you would like to try this and don't yet have a copy of Alibre Design, you can get the Alibre Design Trial, or Alibre Design Express. Text Only versions of these tutorials are on my Alibre Design Tutorials Site.

You will start out by opening a part workspace, and setting up some elements of the work space, then creating a sketch, revolving it, editing it to refine the sketch, adding simple colors and reflective properties, and saving the file.

Continue on to the next step to begin the Tutorial!

Step 1: 3D CAD Tutorial - Revolve Feature - #1 - Create a Bowl - Instructions

What elements will you learn about 3D CAD in this Tutorial?

Elements covered in the sketch include:
- Activate Sketch, Select Line, Origin,
- Grid Display & Click-to Points, 2D Fillet.

Elements covered in the Revolve Boss Feature Include:
- Sketch to revolve Selection, Angle (of Revolution),
- Axis, Labeling.

Also covered is Editing the sketch from the Design Explorer or Workspace Right-Clicking Menu's, Zoom to Fit, use of Mouse buttons to rotate view.

This is a quick to do Tutorial, covering a simple command with not too many extra elements or features.

Proceed on to the PDF file for the complete details and instructions.

Step 2: 3D CAD Tutorial - Revolve - Completion - Feedback


Please feel free to [mailto:alibre_rob@hotmail.com?subject=Instructables_Revolve-Bowl_Completed! send me an email] letting me know you completed this Tutorial.



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    Wow! Another excellent instructable. Keep up the good work. Before long I may actually get the hang of this. Again, Thanks, your help is amazing.