3D Cardboard Letters





Introduction: 3D Cardboard Letters

After been inspired by Jude Pullen a Dyson Designer I decided to make my own class room decoration.
Resistant Materials 
All letter are in Impact font laser cut from recycled cardboard from around school and the sides were made from locker packaging also scrap card.

It has taken we 9 Hours to fabricate the letters using hot glue to hold them together. Didn't record the laser cutting time.

First step it to remove the corrugated card leaving just the outer paper to create a rebate  

Step 1:

Next step is to being constructing the letters. Hot glue into the rebate and slowly work around the letters. Best to get all the difficult tight blends and shapes done before finishing the larger areas. Letter S was the easiest letter to make.

Step 2:

Finally all letters made and on display 

enjoy and get making 

have fun 

here is the link to Jude Pullens site http://www.judepullen.com/designmodelling/



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    This is great, thank you for sharing :)

    Wish I'd seen these before our options evening last week - much more impressive than my laser cut plastics!

    Hey there, I think that your third image in your intro step is more suited to be your main image - and would certainly drive more traffic to your post.