3D Chandelier




I wanted to make a chandelier that didnt have to be wired up (for those who arent electricians!).

So I got an image of a chandelier style that I loved and traced it in Artcam Pro. Next I put two slots - one from the top, and the other from the bottom - one slot per piece. And then drew two holes in the top of the piece with the slot starting at the top. Its that easy!

Made from 3mm acrylic, this chandelier hangs 400mm long and is approx 310mm at the widest point.

Step 1: What You Need

1 piece of 3mm acrylic - black, red, green - whatever colour you want or have lying around. Clear looks really good too!

Laser Cutter

Chain to hang chandelier from

Time to peel off the protective masking

Step 2: Laser Cutting

Make sure you use your material wisely! Each chandelier doesnt have to be the same way up when cutting. Rotate it 180 degrees and save yourself some material!

Load the file onto the laser cutter and start!

Make sure you leave the protective masking on to make sure it gets no smoke marks on the plastic - they look really ugly.

Step 3: Finished!

Now your chandeliers are done! Peel off the protective masking and slot together! Slip a chain through the holes and it is ready to hang up!



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