3D Christmas Card

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Hunting for Christmas cards is a yearly struggle for me... I have lots of ideas about making them, and getting organised... And it never really happens until very late. This year I finally did it - with the aid of the school's laser cutter....

I started by dividing the idea I had up into different layers, and creating the individual layers in 2D Design, the CAD output programme we use at work. I also drew out a couple of supports (the "U" shapes), to add some lift to the layers.

After cutting the layers out on the laser cutter, I built the layers up using double sided sticky tape to hold them together. I put tin foil across the back to add a little sparkle.

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    Definitely! I have a couple more designs waiting to be cut, and some ink pads on order as well - I was planning on applying ink around the edges of the shapes so that it soaks through rather than painting on a thick coating... I'll add photos once I've played!