3D Christmas Tree in a Snowglobe

Introduction: 3D Christmas Tree in a Snowglobe

This is the Christmas tree that I made using the TinkerCad website. Im gonna show you how I designed it and show you how I made my snowglobe.

Step 1: Starting the Design

First I was messing around with the shapes in the TinkerCad website then I knew what shape I wanted. On the left side you can see the full thing already created and on the right you can see step by step what I did to get what I got on the left. As you can see on the very right are the shapes and I used the star. And shrinked it ton the size I wanted it to.

Step 2: Making the Tree

Now you do the same thing the last step but make it smaller by 2 for example by first tree part was 15x15 and the second part is going to be 13x13 and repeat till you get what you want in shape. After you get the size that you wanted like for me it was 13x13 the your going to the top and drag it up so you can put it on top of the first one and repeat.

Step 3: Making the Stump

You are gonna take the cylinder shape well.... make 2 one of them is gonna be used to make the bottom of the hole in your Christmas tree so you can put your stump later. Make sure that both of the cylinders are the same size because if its not then your solid cylinder won't fit. To make the hole on the bottom of your Christmas tree you click on your cylinder that you're gonna use for the hole and click on "hole"as you can see in one of the images above there are two circles one that says "solid" and the other that says "hole". After you made both of the cylinders your are gonna put the one that is supposed to go under your Christmas tree in the middle of the bottom of your tree. and then you have your hole on the bottom.

Step 4: Making the Top of the Tree (the Star)

For this step its really easy all you have to do is look for the star shape and click on it and shrink it to the size you would like but, I do recommend making it bigger than 1x1mm because when I did it 1x1mm it was really small and could be hard to find if you loose it. Don't forget to leave the the star and the 'solid' cylinder separate so you can attach them later using some super glue. You can also make more stuff like a snowman or you can leave it like it is.

Step 5: Making Your Snowglobe

All you need to make your snow globe is a empty jar or something that looks like a snow globe base and attach your pieces together and glue it to the lid (since you are gonna be flipping it around). After you attached your tree to the lid now you can add glitter or foam to the jar or whatever your using. Next you're going to add the water or baby oil (you can use any but do not mix both together). Now all you have to do is add the lid and you are all done.

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    2 years ago

    I love the wireframe look!