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Introduction: 3D Clock

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Since their advent in the Middle Ages, clocks have been made in a seemingly infinite range of styles. Even in the present day, they continue to be reinvented, with do-it-yourselfers coming up with ever more creative designs. It’s super easy to make THIS 3D Clock....just join the fun: Get creative and make cardboard boxes that you use as clock artwork for the wall.

Watch The Video.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:

1. Cardboard boxes (recycle your old boxes)

2. Clock mechanism

3. Small iron nails

4. Water Color Tube (you'll need only Black and white colors)

5. Print paper for box template and clock numbers


6. Scalpel

7. Glue stick, glue tube

8. Ruler

9. Pencil

10. Brushes

11. Gluing Tape

12. Hammer

13. Scissor

Step 2: Process - Making Box

  • Draw on paper a box template

  • When you're done cut out template

  • Draw box template on the cardboard
  • Cut out cardboard box template
  • Assemble all sides together using glue - Make a box (I used glue stick)

Step 3: Process - You'll Need 13 Boxes

II For this clock you need to make 13 boxes II

Step 4: Process - Paint Job

  • Paint the boxes into black color or any color you like

  • For this PaintJob I used Water Color Tube

Step 5: Process - Make Clock Numbers

  • Print some numbers and cut them out
  • Glue numbers on cardboard (to make some 3D effect) and let them dry
  • Cut out cardboard numbers
  • Paint numbers in white (using water color tube)

Step 6: Numbers Template - Download Links!!!

Templete 1: http://postimg.org/image/v3r5x6ri1/

Templete 2: http://postimg.org/image/igtos5wdv/

To Download Images // Right Mouse Click // Save Image As...

Step 7: Process - Final Job

- Using glue tube attach numbers on the boxes
- Buy clock mechanism on ebay or use mechanism from old wall clock - Pop a battery in, and attach mechanism on cardcoard box - Drill a hole in the center of back side of each boxes - To nail the boxes on the wall I used small iron nails

Step 8: Finito!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Step 9: Support Me on YouTube!

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I'd appreciate it. :D Thank you.

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10 Discussions

I really like how the numbers on the boxes are all justified differently. I would have probably just centered all the numbers on the boxes... B-O-R-I-N-G-!


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

I centered them first, but it seemed like an ordinary clock numbers... So I decided to play around with numbers!


5 years ago

Nice job! It looks great :3


5 years ago on Introduction

Could you imagine if each number lit up when the hand went by? That is a cool idea, I think I will make it when I get the time.

That looks smaller in the pictures than what I am guessing it is, you said the faces of the boxes are 8cmX8cm? that is a good effort!

How complicate would it be if you added minutes an seconds...


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Actually back (side on wall) and face side of each box is 10cmx10cm and all the other sides are 8cmx8cm. Yeah good effort :D...Making boxes took me a few days, but was worth it. Right now I'm editing the video. Check it out tomorrow. Cuz in the video U can better see the actual size of the box. Thank you for comment!


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

I will be sure to check it out, sounds neat!