3D Design Instructable

Introduction: 3D Design Instructable

Created by: Leslie Mills, Sarah Inzinga and Jason He

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Step 1: Introduction

This instructable covers the process of designing a pen holder in 123D Design. Under the famous notion that "the pen is mightier than the sword". This design can remind the audience how powerful their writing skill can be. 123D Design is a program that is used to create models that can be then 3D printed. These directions are intended for individuals who have little or not experience with this software and 3D printing. Each step was made as clear and concise as possible for the use to maneuver.

Step 2: Material List

1. Desktop or Laptop Computer (Mac or PC)

2. 123D Design Software for (Mac or PC)

3. Access to a 3D Printer (if you plan on printing the design)

4. Pla plastic filament (to load into 3D printer for design)

Step 3: Introduction to the 123D Design Software

A. Autodesk Tinker play is a free app that lets you design and customize your own creatures and characters on your mobile device and make them real using a 3D printer.

If you would like more information, please click the links below:

a. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autodesk_123D

b. http://www.123dapp.com/howto/design

B. Software Preparation

a. Download and install the software

b. You can download the design software on The Official Site of the Autodesk 123D. There are three visions of the software, including Mac, PC and pad. Please select according to your own device.

C. Register the account

a. You are able to register the account as a user of the 123D Design on http://www.123dapp.com/gopremium. As b registered user, you can use the software with unlimited online storage. The detailed information of the free and paid user are provided on the same page.

Step 4: The Basic Technology

Step 5: Designing the Pen Holder in 123D

After viewing the materials about 123D design, you can launch your work on the design. The pen holder can be divided into three separate parts, including the castle, the sculpture and the foundation. To review the detailed instruction of the technology, you can click the links in the passage. The video are provided by the Autodesk 123 on the youtube.

Step 6: The Castle

A. Create one cylinder, and resize it to a height of 100 mm and a radius of 45 mm.

B. Hollowed the cylinder and change the inside thicks to 10mm.

C. Make the Castle

a. Click on the right edge of the screen, there will be a window, find the category of gear and create a gear by pulling out the first gear in the list.

b. Resize the move the gear to the appropriate position shown in the picture.

c. Copy the gear and move one of them to the top of the cylinder.

D. Click the combine to subtract the intersect part.

Step 7: The Sculpture 1 - Head

A. Create a ball which radius is 10mm

B. Create a cylinder whose radius is 8mm and height 16mm

C.Resize the ball unequally to an ellipsoid by shorten the radius by a factor of 0.8 in X and Y direction.

D. Move and assembling them together. You must make sure that the intersection part is big enough to support the head.

Step 8: The Sculpture 2 - Arms and Legs

A. Create two balls whose radius are 8mm.

B. Create a cylinder whose radius is 7mm and length is 50mm.

C. Assemble the two ball and the cylinder together.

D. Group them all.

E. Copy the group, and resize the new object by a factor of 0.8.

F. Make 4 copies of each of the part.

G. Assemble them together according to the picture.Make 4 copies of each of the part.

Step 9: The Sculpture 3 - Body

A. Create a box whose size is 43 * 30 * 10

B. Create a box whose size is 43 * 10 * 10

C. Fillet (shown at 0:20) the four edges of the body of the person with a radius of 5

D. Chamfer (shown at 1:30) the two edges with a distance of 4

Step 10: The Sculpture 4 - Weapons

A. Use the Sketch (shown at 1:45) to draw a 2D sword on the plate

B. Extrude (shown at 0:10) the sword to make it into a 3D object

C. Use the Sketch video from above to draw a 2D shield on the plate

D. Extrude the sword to make it into a 3D object

Step 11: The Foundation

A. Create a box whose size is 100 * 2 * 150

B. Chamfer (shown at 1:30) one longest edge with the distance of 4

C. Typing (shown at 2:00) the main idea of the design

D. Extrude (shown at 0:10) into a 3D model

E. Move and attach the words to the surface created by chamfering

Step 12: Assesmbling

A. Make sure that each time you assemble object, there are enough overlap volume to be 3D printed

B. Modify details

C. If the scale of the design is not perfect, you may move and resize the specific details

Step 13: Preparing to Print

A. Check the 123D Design details

a. Make sure the dimensions are within required fields, there are some general rules of 3D printing. http://www.shapeways.com/tutorials/creating-hollow-objects

B. Transfer to an STL file

a. Save the 123D Design

b. Top left corner of 123D Design click tab that states "convert to STL"

C. Print with your own 3D printer.

D. If printing through Purdue's College of Technology, please follow the COT 3D Printing Guidelines

a. Prepare a professional email sent to Vignesha Bhamidi (cb@purdue.edu)

b. Include file name and or names

c. Copy in dimensions from chose software Step 3.

d. Post the preferred completed date of the design

e. Attach files as STL

f. Send email signed by name and purpose

E. Pick up design at designated area

Step 14: Enjoy Your Design!


Krassensten, Brain. The Sample 3D Printer. Digital image. Http://3dprint.com/3980/3d-printing-jobs-economy/. 18 May 2014. Web.

"Simplest Way to Get Your Ideas into 3D." Autodesk 123D Design. Web. 2 May 2015.

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    Great info! Thanks for sharing. Where you able to print your pencil holder?