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These instructions are to create a 3D hand

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Step 1: Equipment

You will need:

  1. A piece of paper- big enough to fit your hand
  2. Pencil and eraser
  3. Felt tip markers- any colours

Step 2: Starting

Start by placing your hand on the piece of paper and draw round your hand using a pencil

Step 3: Process

Start by drawing lines on the outside of the hand

-I used a ruler to draw the lines, but you can free hand the lines

-I personally like to use a ruler because it gives it a clean look to the picture

For extra help follow the pictures for direction.

I didn't erase the pencil it helped with the shadowing to give the 3D depth.

Step 4: Finish

You can create this using different colours.

I like to use bright colours that match, the colours I used were random to fill it in space.

Step 5: Extra- Freehand Pictures

This is my freehand try of this 3D hand

It looks a bit uneven but still looks ok.

In this one I erased the pencil to see if there was any difference, there was no difference but made it harder to see where the felt tip should go because I erased the pencil too soon

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3 years ago

REALLY COOL! I will make them as gifts for my 3 yr old brother.

WOW this is such a good illusion, at first i thought it was a photo of a 3D cast made of yarn. *O*


4 years ago on Introduction

I'm going to do this sometime this week. I have just the thing I want to use it for. Thanks for sharing such an easy and effective technique.


4 years ago on Introduction

I've done this before in black & white, but it looks fabulous in color. I love this trick, thank you for sharing it!

One suggestion I would make for your Instructable: maybe include info on how you got the lines so straight. Did you use a ruler, or do you just have a very steady hand? Also, did you erase the pencil marks or just color over them?

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for your suggestion, will definitely add in more information and thanks again this will make the Instructable easier to follow :)


4 years ago

I seriously thought that it was a glove Instructable or something but this is even better! Love it=)!