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Introduction: 3D Head Lamp

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You will need:
Wood 1/8"
Acrylic 1/8"
LED Strip 4"
Soldering Iron

Step 1: Laser Cut

Begin by laser cutting your pieces.
We're using the FSL Hobby Laser.

The "Base" file includes two parts. This will make the solid and the hollow pieces to stack. Cut along the red lines and engrave on the blue line. Only one piece requires the blue line to be engraved.

Using 1/8" material, cut the file 8 times. This should leave you with 8 solid pieces and 8 hollow pieces. Save one of the centers of a "Hollow" piece. This will close the base and be our guide for placing the LEDs.

For the acrylic, engrave the black sections. Cut along the red line.

Step 2: Glue

Stack the slotted pieces to make a solid piece. The slots will be a tight fit for the acrylic. Use the acrylic to make sure that all the slots are aligned as you're gluing. If you plan on making the lamp interchangeable, be careful not to glue the acrylic into place.

Once all the solid pieces are in place, begin gluing the disks to make a hollow cylinder. Glue this cylinder underneath the slotted pieces. This will give you the space for your electronics.

Step 3: Wiring

Create a circuit following the attached diagram. We used a 9v battery, and two sections of a 12v led strip. Other combinations are possible, though some circuit math may be required.

Adhere your LED strip to one of the excess pieces from the "hollow" circles. Align it to the engraved rectangle to line up with the base of the acrylic. Secure all the battery and the wires to the base. If you have a switch, you can drill a section of the base to set the switch for access from the outside.

Step 4: Finishing

Sand along the base to get a smooth consistent finish. Add lacquer or paint as desired.

Place the acrylic in the stand. Add the bottom circle with the electronics to the base.

Step 5: Illuminate

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25 Discussions

What is the concept to make 2D look 3D? How do we define the grid fill to be filled automatically and randomly? I meant in Inkscape

1 reply

Hello, an original design like that wire frame would have to be made in a 3D program if it wasn't hand drawn in inkscape from scratch. Thanks!

Could you explain more specifically how to create the plan of head with the mixture between inkscape and AI as you said, step by step so everybody can make DIY stuff like this. Pls thanks so much

please friend i am from cuba, the internet here is very slow, i need the vector (.ai) were you get that .ai
please my email is colosso@nauta.cu, set me the link, i look in all internet and i cant finder the vector (.ai) for make that cane of lamp
PS. my english suks wath cant i say... sorry friend
and i hate pinterest



2 years ago

Awesome design bro :) Btw, i have some questions

What is the concept to make 2D look 3D? How do we define the grid fill to be filled automatically and randomly? I meant in Inkscape

1 reply

One of our artists was able to draw out the design for us. For this project, we didn't use a 3D model, but were lucky enough to have someone who could draw using perspective.

can u give me any clue how u made the vector file of this type ??

1 reply

We use a mixture of Adobe illustrator and Inkscape. Inkscape is great because it's powerful and free. We recommend it for first time users, but many experienced users enjoy using Corel Draw or Illustrator programs.


1 year ago

My Friend,
I can create a 3D model in AutoCAD but it seems yo first designed in 3D max and then export to AutoCAD to change 3D to 2D Flat model.

Please explain details of your procedures.

Thank you

1 reply

Hi Abavi. Sorry for the late reply. We don't get comments directly to our inbox, so it takes a moment to find and respond to questions. For laser cutting, we don't use any 3D programs. If you are proficient with 3D, it's definately possible, but at the moment, we do all our laser cut designing in 2D. We used a mixture of Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator to create the vector paths for this.

Thanks, This Is Nice Work, I want to make this with my laser cutting machine.


1 year ago

holle no answer?

The files are hidden in "step 1" Included are the .SVG files. More file types will become available shortly.

I'm only seeing .ai files. Am I missing something?

This was designed in Inkscape which is a free software. Many people also have preferences torwards Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw, but with our laser software, you can design from any program.