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Live 3D Holograms are the things of the future. We all have seen people using 3D Holograms in Movies, but have you ever wished to see on for real in front of you. Well, now you can.

In this Instructable I will teach how to make Mod your smartphone to make a 3D projector out of it by keeping just a little device on the samrtphone screen, which can be made of materials available at home.

You can view this 3D Hologram without the help of any glass, all you need is a smartphone and the small device, which I will teach you to make.


#ReThink Your Smartphone.

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Step 1: Materials Required

  • Graph paper
  • CD case
  • Marker
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Pair Of Scissors
  • Sellotape and/or Superglue
  • Craft Knife or Glass Cutter
  • A Smartphone

Step 2: Extracting the Blank Plastic Side From CD Case

STEPS (Refer to images for further help):

  1. Take out the Paper Cover from the CD Case
  2. Cut the Plastic Cover on top of the CD Case
  3. Cut the CD Case from between to get the blank side of the cover, i.e. the side opposite to the side where we keep CDs.
  4. Now you have successfully retrieved a thick plastic sheet from an old CD Case

Step 3: Tracing the Trapezium

Using the Pencil, trace a Isosceles Trapezium (Trapezium with both non-parallel sides equal) on the Graph Paper.

NOTE: In the images above I drew the sides to be 3.5cm, but instead the height between the 1cm and 6cm parallel sides should be 3.5cm

Dimensions of Trapezium (Refer to Image too):

1cm- One parallel side

6cm- Other parallel side

3.5cm- Height between the parallel side

Using the Craft Knife or Scissors cut the Trapezium.

Step 4: Cutting the Trapezium From the Plastic CD Case

Using the graph paper cut-out we got from the last step, trace the trapezium on to the Cd Case using the Marker. Refer images to get a more clear idea of what you're reading. Repeat this step 4 times

Using the Craft knife or Glass Cutter cut through the Marker lines and as a result you will get 4 trapeziums.

With the completion of this step you have completed 90% of the work.

Step 5: Making a Plateau Prism

Imagine a prism (Pyramid) with the top chopped of, what you get is a plateau prism. We are trying to create something exactly like that.


  1. Tape these 4 trapeziums together and, what you get would be exactly what we need. But, if on taping what you get is nothing like a prism but just a flat shape, it means that you did not cut the shape(s) correctly in the last step and made some mistakes which led to formation of trapezium with wrong dimensions, recheck your measurements.
  2. Apply glue/superglue, where the non-parallel sides meet (Place where you applied tape) and let it dry.
  3. If you are happy with what you get, you may remove the tape. [I did not, as it makes no difference]

Step 6: Making the Projector Work

There are many 4 sided Holographic video that you can find on YouTube.

Here are Channels that make 3D Holographic Videos:

Cloudy Tee

Holho Cospe

This Video I liked in Specific

U can even search on YouTube for Hologram 4 Faces to find more phone compatible Hologram videos.


  • Just place the prism upside down (Broad side on top) on the centre of the screen at the point where you see 2 white lines intersect at the start of any video. (Refer to image for more clarity).
  • Play the video and watch he magnificent 3D Image formed.

Step 7: Taking It on a Larger Scale

If u liked the hologram and want to take it to a larger level you could try the procedure again but this time try to double the dimensions of the Prism and place it on a TV or a Laptop Screen. I will surely try it and post results soon.

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This is exactly what I thought of when I saw the phone contest, only I didn't know how to do it. Now I do. :-)


Question 7 weeks ago on Introduction

Can you explain, in a simple way, how this works? Is this 'Pepper's Ghost' illusion?


3 years ago

3.5 mm should be height not edge lenght...


4 years ago on Introduction

I doubled the measurements and made sure the angles were correct, but with the dimensions doubled I can not form up the pieces so they are equal to the square that the pyramid should have on top/bottom. So I am not sure just doubling the measures will work.

4 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Maybe, I did not try doubling it. Maybe I suggest you to cut the tarpeziums's non parallel sied a little bit so that instead of forming a square they make prism. Share results if u can. and please do vote


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I figured it out by looking at a diagram from another site that shows the project. It was a dumb mistake. I was trying to use 3.5cm for the length of the non-parallel sides. It is the height of the trapezoid that is 3.5cm. Thanks for getting me started on this project. My family thinks it is way cool. Thanks.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for pointing that out. The instructions were not clear and it would not go together .


3 years ago

Will it work on 4.5 inch screen of phone


3 years ago

It works with any type of plastics btw. I used a plastic that covered a meal from a restaurant.

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

Yes, will work on doubling measurements.. I tried it on my phablet!


3 years ago

Might be worth noting that it is not a hologram at all but a ghost image.
It is the same image on all 4 sides and there is no real holographic effect to see.
Having said that it might be much nicer to use normal videos and just a single pane of plastic.
This way you can use the full screen size and still get the same look.
Although it might need a video player that supports flipping the image.


4 years ago on Introduction

This is excellent! Awesome Instructable, will definitely try it. Good luck in the competition! :)