We are with the 3D ILLUSION LAMP. Are you thinking of buying a new night light? Do not think about it, you do it. It will be a great gift to yourself or your loved ones. It's pretty simple to make.

Step 1: How to Make This Project ?

Step 2: Equipment List


-RGB Led

-Arduino Nano

-Wires for RGB

-USB Cable

- Plastic box or 3D Printed box

Step 3: CNC Laser Cutting

You have to cut your plexiglass. You can use corel draw for CNC. Details on our videos...

Step 4: Simple Circuit Diagram and Arduino Code

you can see circuit. Very simple. Just built and send arduino code...



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2 Discussions

TheTNRPenolopy Bulnick

Reply 9 months ago

Hi Penolopy,

Thank you your words :) if you have a husband or friend, tell him that do it for you :)